Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I said in the last post that our lives were boring. I suppose this implied that all we do is study. Don't feel too bad for us because I had a pediatric rotation in July that was pretty easy going - including Fridays off! The month before that we spent in Pocatello where I was doing a rotation with a Family Medicine doctor. Again, Friday off! We definitely took advantage of this.

JUNE: We did a lot of fun things with Chad's family! Every night was filled with a new activity - road bike, mountain bike, tennis, etc. We were even able to go snow skiing one day! We went boating a lot (not as much as we would have liked because it was FREEZING), and even went a couple of weekdays after I left the clinic. I was thinking that would be an ok lifestyle I guess - work 8-5 and then go boating for the rest of the night. I don't know, maybe I could live with that. It was so fun living with Chad's parents for a month and getting to spend time with the whole family.

JULY: Thanks to Groupon/Living Social, we spent one night at Caesar's and then another at Palms. Both weekends were spent just laying by the pool. Well, technically IN the pool because it was too hot to just lay by the pool. Sorry peeps, still no pictures.


  1. Crazy I can't believe you are a 4th year already. I totally know the feeling of excitement for clinical rotations to start. It will mean I actually get to have a husband for those 9 months at night!! I don't know how you and Chad do it both being in school and finding time for one another. Life sounds exciting for ya'll for the next little bit.

  2. is this for real? are my eyes really working and I am seeing that you updated your blog?? and twice too! yay good job. Next task pictures :) oh and I love the new background!!!

  3. Hey, I totally came across your blog, but don't know if you check it all that much. But I wanted to say Hi. and hope all is going well I live in Vegas as well.....congrats on all your success. How awesome! REally that is so great. HOpe all is going well, and you can check me out at matthewlindseytorres.blogspot.com. By the way it Lindsey Goble :)